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Resources to help you provide care for your pet

Options was founded to help people who cannot afford needed veterinary care for their pets. Unfortunately, there are limits to the services we are able to provide. The clinic is unable to provide some specialized surgeries that require very specific expertise such as orthopedic surgeries and sensitive tumor removals, and we are unable to provide overnight hospitalization. Additionally, those who live out of our area may need help. For these reasons, we offer the following resources and advice for getting the care your pet needs even if you live out our area or if you pet has a condition we are not able to treat.


If your pet needs veterinary care and you are concerned that you cannot afford it, please call us. We may be able to find financial assistance for Senior Citizens living on a limited income, those who are receiving disability or other public support, those experiencing homelessness or experiencing temporary financial hardship due to illness or other unforeseen challenges. Many people find that Options rates are affordable. If not we will do our best to help you. Please talk with us before you arrive at the clinic. Talking with us in advance can help your pet get the care they need. 


Things to try to get the care your pet needs:

Create a crowdfunding page


Explore a loan program

  • Care Credit: Options does not accept Care Credit at this time. It may in the future. We include this link because other clinics do take it in case you'd like to consider their services for this reason.

  • Scratchpay​​

Seek assistance

Food Pantry:

Deterrents to Keep Outdoor Cats Out of Your Yard:

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