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Options Wishlist

One way you can help our nonprofit clinic is to donate supplies that we would otherwise need to use precious funds on rather than to help pets in need. All items may be shipped to 4690 Longley Lane, Suite 1, Reno, NV 89502. 

Amazon wishlist

Looking for a quick, easy way to send us supplies? Check out our Amazon wishlist! Many of the items we can always use are on this list.

Urgently Needed! 

These are items we can always use and are consistently urgent.

  • Kitten food, canned, pate: Fancy Feast brand preferred, any flavor​

  • Kitten food, dry

  • Clay litter, non-clumping, preferably Yesterday's News and Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract brands

  • Supplies: paper towels (rolls), bleach, liquid laundry detergent (free and clear), and gallon ziplock bags

One-time items we need right now
These are items we need to order specifically, so please donate here and list the items in the comment field of the donation box, or in the memo field of a check, which can be mailed to 4690 Longley Lane, Suite 1, Reno, NV 89502. You can also call 775-499-3700 and speak directly with a manager about helping us purchase these items.
  • Triple Cat Stax Unit: Two needed at $1,659 each plus $630 shipping of each. Specialty cat cages designed to minimize stress, keep cats comfortable, and improve sanitization needs.
  • Bair huggers: 2 needed at $800 each. These keep surgical patients warm.
  • Dental warming blankets: 2 needed at $240 each. These are specific to dental patients to keep them warm.
  • Exam table mats: 10 needed at $36.99 each. These will improve the sanitization needs, and reduce laundry. 
  • Dental table mat: One needed at $235. This will improve sanitization and increase patient comfort.
  • Microchip scanners: Two needed (two purchased; thank you!) at $240 each. Helps document microchip numbers and reunite lost pets with family.
  • Needle drivers/holders10 needed at $250 each. These are for spay/neuter and other delicate surgeries.
  • Heska (6201B) Infusion pump: One needed at $1,560. We have one; having an additional one would allow for us to care for more patients at the same time. Infusion pumps administer medications in a controlled, consistent manner.
  • Ergonomic dental table: One needed at $4,000. This would increase space in the dental room as well as increase dental efficiencies by improving ergonomics for the dental team.
  • Anesthesia machine: One needed at $14,000. This would allow us to increase capacity and efficiency for overall surgical operations. 
Items we can always use
  • Paper towels (rolls)

  • Bleach

  • Laundry detergent: Liquid, unscented

  • Cat carriers: Medium and large for clients who don't have them; gently used if very clean and in excellent conditio

  • Feliway refills and spray: Stress reduction for cats, diffuser and/or spray (example here)

  • Adaptil refills and spray: Stress reduction for cats, diffuser and/or spray (example here)

  • Friskies canned cat food, pate: Any flavor​

  • Fancy Feast canned cat food, pate: Any flavor​

  • Churu lickable cat treats: To entice animals to eat (example here)

  • Ear thermometer covers: Ones that fit Braun Thermoscan ear thermometers

  • Digital pet rectal thermometers

  • Rechargeable AA batteries

  • Permanent black markers, fine point: Any brand (example here)​

  • Printer paper/copy paper: By the case, white, 8.5 x 11 size 

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