Help Make Options Veterinary Care a Reality for Northern Nevada!

Keeping Pets & Families Together.

Help prevent needless animal suffering by making veterinary care more accessible and affordable to keep pets IN HOMES!

As a result of COVID-19, the need for affordable veterinary care will soon be greater than ever before! Help us reach our fundraising goal to open the new clinic and keep families together.

Our Mission

Options Veterinary Care will provide high-quality, affordable, and accessible spay/neuter services and veterinary care options for pets and community cats in order to keep pets and families together to support humane communities.

Why is Options Veterinary Care Needed?

You are probably among the 95% of Americans who consider their pet to be part of their family. And we bet you can imagine how upsetting it would be if you could not provide veterinary care for your beloved pet in their hour of need. Sadly, this is a reality for a growing number of Nevadans, especially for senior citizens and low-income families.


Today the high cost of spay/neuter and veterinary care can put these essential services for pets out of reach for many residents of Northern Nevada. Lack of accessible, affordable care results in beloved pets being surrendered to animal shelters, euthanasia for treatable conditions and, in some cases, the suffering of animals who go without treatment.


This is now a nationwide problem. It is exacerbated in Washoe County and surrounding areas by the rising cost of housing and recently by increasing unemployment.  

The Solution

There is a solution that has helped dramatically in other parts of the country, and we want to bring this solution to Northern Nevada.


Options Veterinary Care will be a resource to meet this crucial need for senior citizens and other low-income pet owners as well as those caring for community cats. It will also be a resource for existing veterinary businesses, animal shelters, and Social service agencies throughout Northern Nevada. Currently, these agencies struggle to find solutions for people who love their pets but who cannot afford spay/neuter surgery or veterinary care.


With your help we can significantly decrease animal suffering, economic euthanasia and medical surrenders to animal shelters by providing families the opportunity to obtain needed vet care for their beloved pet.

Help Make Options Veterinary Care a Reality

Options Veterinary Care is seeking philanthropic support to create a veterinary clinic that will provide affordable spay/neuter and care to the pets of individuals and families who cannot otherwise afford veterinary care.


We have a variety of naming opportunities in the clinic for individuals or businesses that wish to make a substantial impact. A donation of any size will help make Options Veterinary Care a reality for animals in our community.


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Veterinary Services

With so much combined experience in animal welfare, we have witnessed a great deal of positive change in the field. However, one need that has now been fully met is the critical need for affordable veterinary care.


All too often, people struggle with how to afford veterinary care. In these cases, care is not sought until there is an emergency, and even then people are told to decide between surrendering a much-loved pet to a shelter or opting for economic euthanasia.


Having witnessed this far too many times, we founded Options Veterinarian Care, a 501(3)(c) non-profit that provides affordable veterinary care to the people and pets who need it the most.

Options Veterinary Care wellness checkup on cat

Options Veterinary Care Leadership

Options Veterinary Care is a joint effort of two Reno, NV based nonprofit organizations – Humane Network and Community Cats.

Diana Lucree, DVM

Medical Director

Denise Stevens

Clinic Director

Bonney Brown

Governance Committee

Diane Blankenburg

Governance Committee

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